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August 30, 2012

The Energy Zarr Redux - Is Energy Efficiency Dead?

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Energy Zarr BlogOK, maybe the question is a bit over the edge, but I wanted to get your attention to tell you no... it's alive and well and to say I'm back writing my blog here at Texas Instruments. TI encouraged me to continue my ode to engineering and my rants about making our world better through technology. 

To that end, I am now officially moving my blogging to TI's awesome Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) Community.  If you have not seen this, go to and check out blogs from other experts on a multitude of topics.  You can find my blog at which will take you directly to my contributions on the E2E Community.

I will be continuing the never ending saga of life with electronics which will include my somewhat smart house project, energy efficiency, semiconductor trends, my somewhat memorable protracted top ten lists, cool stuff from TI and clever things I’ve learned from the amazingly smart people that surround me.  So, grab some Java (the drink) and go check out what we’ve been up to… see you on the new site!